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Practical advice on tennis racquets, strings, balls, shoes, clothing, and more.


Research the best racquets and strings to suit your game and where to shop for the best price and service. Learn how to choose the ideal string tension, the most durable balls, the right grip size, and the best type of shoes. Locate tennis retailers and manufacturers.
  1. Racquets
  2. Strings
  3. Balls
  4. Clothing and Shoes
  5. Courts, Court Equipment, and Practice Tools


Find the best tennis racquet for your style of play. Learn about racquet weight, balance, stiffness, materials, and other factors that determine a racquet's power, control, maneuverability, and shock absorption.


Learn how to choose the best strings and string tension to give your tennis racquet the most ideal mix of power, control, comfort, and arm safety.


Learn about the various types of tennis balls and their differences in performance, durability, and construction.

Clothing and Shoes

Learn how to choose tennis shoes that fit your type of foot and give you optimal support and cushioning. Make a better sun hat than you can find in any store.

Courts, Court Equipment, and Practice Tools

Tennis court surfaces; court equipment; and ball machines, tools, and gadgets used for practice.

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