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Volleys Quiz

Try a fun quiz on the positioning, grips, spins, and placement used for volleys. Simplicity is a virtue in executing a volley, but that doesn't mean volleys are simple.

How-To Videos
Tennis Spotlight10

Photo Lesson: How to Hit the Topspin-Slice Power First Serve

Photos illustrate this step-by-step tennis lesson on how to hit the topspin-slice serve, the most common first serve and the most powerful spin serve used in advanced tennis.

Photo Illustrated: How to Apply an Overgrip

Photos illustrate step-by-step instructions on how to apply an overgrip onto your tennis racquet. A grip wrap keeps your handle drier, preserves your original grip, helps to prevent the racquet from slipping out of your hand, and can be used to fatten a racquet grip that's too small.

The Semi-Open Semi-Western Forehand

Stop-action photos illustrate this tennis lesson on how to hit the semi-open, semi-western forehand in tennis.

Tennis Twist Ball Machine

Review of the Tennis Twist, the most portable and inexpensive of all tennis ball machines.

The Lob Game - A Great Game for Medium-Large Groups

A great game for 4-10 intermediate or better tennis players.

Have Some Real Fun Playing With a Beginner

A drill sequence and game for a beginner and advanced tennis player.

Li Na Photos: Picture Gallery of Strokes

Photos of tennis pro Li Na: a gallery of pictures of Li Na hitting backhands, forehands, and serves that illustrate explanations of her stroke techniques, starting with the backswing for her two-handed backhand.

Problem-Solving Skills to Look For in a Tennis Teaching Pro

Problem-Solving skills the best teaching pros should have; how a tennis instructor should use progressions and creativity and foster self-reliance in students.

Tennis Court Safety Underfoot

How to prevent injuries from stepping on loose tennis balls and slipping on wet clay, hard, and grass tennis courts.

Photo Tour of Male Pro One-Handed Topspin Backhand Grips

Photos and descriptions of the one-handed topspin backhand grips used by some of the world's top male professional tennis players, starting with Feliciano Lopez.

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