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The Master Quiz

This quiz starts with an easy question, but each time you answer a question correctly, you move up to a more difficult level. To make it all the way through Level 10, you will need an uncommon mastery of tennis knowledge.

Easier Quizzes
Tennis Spotlight10

Grigor Dimitrov's Strokes in Photos

Photos of tennis pro Grigor Dimitrov: a gallery of pictures of Grigor Dimitrov hitting forehands, serves, and backhands that illustrate explanations of his stroke techniques, starting with the beginning of his forehand swing.

Photo Tour of Female Pro Forehand Grips

Photos and descriptions of the forehand grips used by top female pros.

Points of Contact for Five Spin Serves: Photo Tour

Photos illustrate this tour of the ideal points of contact for the topspin slice, topspin, twist, slice, and underhand sidespin serves in tennis.

Flavia Pennetta's Strokes in Photos

Gallery of photos of tennis pro Flavia Pennetta: pictures of her hitting forehands, backhands, volleys, and a serve illustrate explanations of how she hits those strokes.

The One-Handed Backhand Sidespin Slice: Photo Lesson

Photos illustrate this step-by-step lesson on how to hit the one-handed backhand sidespin slice in tennis.

A Closer Look at String Tension

Understanding how energy dynamics in the ball-string interaction govern the effect of different string tensions in tennis racquets.

Tennis Racquet FAQ

Answers to your questions about tennis racquet weight, balance, length, materials, cost, stringing, stability, and more.

The Three Best Contest Drills for Intermediates

Full explanations of how to run the three best contest drills for intermediate in tennis, including a lob contest and two types of overhead smash contests.

Winning Singles Strategies at the Beginner Plus Level

How to win more tennis matches with better strategies and tactics at the beginner through early intermediate levels.

Top Five Doubles Tips for the Server

The top five tips for the server in doubles tennis, using kick, slice, placement, and serve-and-volley to make the receiver's job more difficult.

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