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Photo Illustrated: How to Apply an Overgrip


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Preparing to Wrap
preparing to wrap the overgrip
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Use an inexpensive overgrip to preserve your original grip, keep your racquet from slipping in your hand, and fatten a handle that's a little too small.

To reach the point shown in this first photo:

  1. Peel off the transparent plastic covering (if any) on the outside surface of the overgrip.
  2. Peel the covering (if any) off the small sticky tab at the tapered end of the inside surface of the overgrip. Once you have wrapped the overgrip, this sticky tab will hold the end of the overgrip in place until you tape it down. A few brands of overgrip don't provide a tapered end.
  3. Peel the covering off the separate piece of tape.
  4. To have the tape handy, stick the end of the tape to a nearby table or to your shirt.
  5. Hold your racquet in your left hand (if you're a righty) with the butt end pointing straight up.
  6. Place the non-tapered end of the overgrip half an inch below the butt end of your handle, with the outside surface facing out. Starting the overgrip in this position will allow you to overlap it as you begin to wrap, thus keeping it firmly in place.
  7. Hold the end of the overgrip against the handle with your left thumb.
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