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Tennis Humor: Jokes and Funny Quotes

Enjoy tennis humor with a variety of jokes and funny quotes.

Photos of Pros Looking Funny
Having some fun with funny expressions on the pros.

Top Ten Why Tennis is Tougher than Hoops
Having some fun with a comparison between tennis and basketball.

Arantxa Sanchez Vicario - Quotable Quotes
Fan site collection of quotes by and about Arantxa. Only mildly funny, but a good insight into Arantxa.

Some funny unintended ironies, malapropisms, and mixed metaphors, mostly from tennis commentators.

Tennis Ball
A popular, PG-13-rated joke.

US Open 1998: Quotable Quotes
Moya, Sampras, Rafter and others from CNN/SI. A few mildly funny, but many interesting.

"You Cannot Be Serious"
Several slightly funny puns and the familiar PG-13 "ball" joke.

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