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Detailed explanations of tennis strokes and tactics for beginner through expert.


Learn to play better tennis through articles, photo-based and video lessons, tips, how-to, FAQs, and quizzes. Improve forehands, backhands, serves, volleys, overheads, and specialty shots. Develop better strategies for singles and doubles. Beginners will find simple, easy lessons for getting started playing tennis, while more advanced players will find in-depth explanations of such topics as tactical uses of topspin and slice.
  1. Forehands
  2. Backhands
  3. Serves
  4. Volleys
  5. Overheads
  1. Specialty Shots
  2. Singles Tactics and Strategies
  3. Doubles Tactics and Strategies
  4. Drills
  5. Rules


Learn basic and advanced forehand strokes through articles, free photo-based and video lessons, FAQs, and tips. Correct problems with your forehand and develop better power, topspin, backspin, placement, depth, and consistency.


Learn basic and advanced one-handed and two-handed backhand strokes through articles, free photo-based and video lessons, FAQs, and tips. Correct problems with your backhand and develop better power, topspin, backspin, sidespin slice, placement, depth, and consistency.


Learn both basic and advanced tennis serves through photo-based lessons, articles, FAQs, and video lessons. Develop the stroke techniques and the tactics to make use of the full range of serving spins, including topspin, slice, and twist.


Learn forehand and backhand volleys, from the simplest basic volley to the most delicate drop volley.


Learn the basic forehand overhead smash as well as more advanced shots like the backhand overhead and the sky hook.

Specialty Shots

Learn drop shots, half volleys, and various types of lobs.

Singles Tactics and Strategies

Learn better singles strategy through improved court positioning, shot selection, mental toughness, and offensive and defensive tactics.

Doubles Tactics and Strategies

Learn the best positioning and shot selection for the server, receiver, and partner of each in doubles.


Learn fun, skill-specific drills for beginner, intermediate, and advanced tennis players.


Learn the official rules of tennis and the code of etiquette as they apply both to the most basic match play and to tricky and unusual situations.

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