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Instruction: Learn and Improve Tennis Strokes and Strategies

Learn tennis through articles, free video lessons, tips, how-to, FAQs, and quizzes. Improve forehands, backhands, serves, volleys, overheads, and specialty shots. Develop better strategies for singles and doubles at any level, beginner through advanced.
  1. Serve (21)
  2. Forehand, Backhand (53)
  3. Volley, Overhead, Specialty (23)
  4. Strategy - Singles, Doubles (38)
  5. Drills, Practice, Games (31)

Tennis Lessons from Other Sports
Lessons tennis players can learn from golf, baseball, field hockey, skiing, basketball, volleyball, badminton, soccer, and figure skating.

How Topspin Works in Tennis
How topspin affects a tennis ball's flight in the air and the height, steepness, and speed of its bounce.

Index of Photo-Based Tennis Lessons
Free step-by-step tennis lessons using photos to illustrate tennis strokes, including serves, forehands, backhands, volleys, half volleys, drop shots, drop volleys, backhand overheads, topspin lobs, and grips.

Finding the Right Lessons for Kids
Which type of tennis lesson will my kid enjoy most? In which will he/she learn fastest?

Tennis Grips FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About Tennis Grips
Answers to your questions about all of the different forehand and backhand grips and how they match up with specific strokes and spins.

Tennis Court Surfaces FAQ
Learn more about the various court surfaces and which playing styles each favors.

Tennis Stroke Repair Central
Enter a specialty repair shop for each of the major tennis strokes. You'll find a wide range of fixes for specific symptoms of a stroke that needs adjustment.

Tennis Videos Index
An index of tennis videos on forehands, backhands, serves, volleys, grips, tactics, rules, racquets, overgrips, and pro players.

Sports That Help Your Tennis
Other sports a tennis player should try.

Debunking Five Big Tennis Myths
If you're trying to snap your wrist, plant your feet, or stay down with the ball, you might have been misled by one of the popular tennis myths.

The Most Misleading Phrases in Tennis
A few tennis phrases that can make learning tennis harder than it should be.

A Typology of Tennis Shots
Tennis shots defined and organized into families by the way in which they are struck. Hit a dump or a buggywhip lately?

Court Surfaces Quiz
Test your knowledge of the three main types of outdoor court surfaces.

Learn More from TV Tennis
How to improve your tennis by ignoring the ball.

How to Shoot Video of Yourself to Improve Your Tennis
Learn how to film yourself playing tennis: shoot video of your match play and strokes to improve your game.

Knowledge to Look For in a Tennis Teaching Pro
Knowledge to look for when trying to choose the best teaching pro: what a good tennis instructor should know.

Problem-Solving Skills to Look For in a Tennis Teaching Pro
Problem-Solving skills the best teaching pros should have; how a tennis instructor should use progressions and creativity and foster self-reliance in students.

Physical Skills to Look For in a Tennis Teaching Pro
Physical skills to look for when trying to choose the best teaching pro: the playing and feeding skills a tennis instructor needs.

Interpersonal Skills to Look For in a Tennis Teaching Pro
Interpersonal skills to look for when trying to choose the best teaching pro: perception, judgment, communication, and related skills a good tennis instructor should have.

A Hierarchy of Tennis Shots
Tennis shots ranked from most to least essential.

Coaching Science Abstracts
Abstracts of articles intended mostly for coaches of elite athletes in various sports, not just tennis.

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