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For Juniors: Instruction and Resources for Young Tennis Players

Get instruction, advice on buying racquets and other gear, and information on tennis scholarships for junior competitors, including players on high school tennis teams. Find resources for beginners through advanced junior players, from rankings and tournament schedules to fun, new games and drills.

Win More Matches in Girls' High School Tennis
How to shake the consistency of the average high school girls' tennis team player.

Win More Matches in Boys' High School Tennis
How to beat the two main types of player you'll encounter in boys' high school tennis.

Tennis Parents FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions From Tennis Parents
Answers to questions from tennis parents about lessons for their kids, choosing a racquet or a good pro, practicing, motivating, and more.

Buying the Right Length Tennis Racquet for a Junior Player
How to use age, size, strength, and experience to choose the right length tennis racquet for a junior player.

Finding the Right Tennis Lessons for Kids
Which type of tennis lesson will my kid enjoy most? In which will he/she learn fastest? Are private lessons better than group lessons?

Tennis Quiz for Beginners
This fun quiz covers the basics of tennis, such as positioning, scoring, serves, forehands, and backhands. It will grade itself and show you the correct answers where needed.

Tips for Teaching Tennis to Young Beginners Ages 4-7

Group Tennis Games - Jail and Around the World
Jail (or Jailbreak) and Around the Worls are two great tennis games for large groups of kids.

The Best Tennis Practice Games: "Smash and Volley"
A great tennis game for one intermediate to advanced player and two beginner to advanced players.

The Best Tennis Practice Games: "Five Person"
The most popular game for groups of three to five intermediate to advanced tennis players.

Craig Fouhy's Small Stars in Tennis
Streaming video clips of young tennis players featured on ABC 15 in the Phoenix, AZ area.

College and Junior Tennis
Upcoming tournaments, archives of past tournaments, and rankings.

ITF Juniors
ITF official site offers player profiles, rankings, schedules, history, and information on the world junior circuit and team competitions.

USTA 18 Girls' National Championships
Daily results and draws, college coaches forum, and full list of participants.

USTA 1998 Boys' 16 and 18 National Championships
Detailed results from past play and info on upcoming events.

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