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Tennis FAQs, Reference Information, and Research

Find answers to questions about almost every topic in tennis, including serves, forehands, backhands, topspin, slice, rules, racquets, shoes, balls, The Code, doubles strategy, court surfaces, tennis parents, grips, strings, tennis terminology, tournament information, and technical research.
  1. Beginners Get Started FAQ (12)
  2. Tennis Grips FAQ (12)
  3. Basic Serving FAQ (9)
  4. Spin Serves FAQ (15)
  5. Forehand FAQ (9)
  6. Backhand FAQ (12)
  7. Return of Serve FAQ (10)
  8. Singles Position Place FAQ (13)
  9. Doubles FAQ (15)
  10. Tennis Racquets FAQ (17)
  11. Tennis Strings FAQ (14)
  12. Tennis Balls FAQ (14)
  13. Tennis Shoes FAQ (10)
  14. Court Surfaces FAQ (16)
  15. Tennis Parents FAQ (8)

Tennis Racquet Glossary
A comprehensive glossary of terms used to describe features of tennis racquets. Find definitions that will help you choose and buy a new tennis racquet or take care of your current racquet.

Tennis Quizzes and Mazes
Tennis is a thinking person's game. These tennis quizzes and mazes will exercise that part of you responsible for both strategy and making the strokes happen.

French Language Tennis Vocabulary
From the About.com French Language Guide. Fun, even if you don't speak French.

Ball/Court Interaction
Excellent research on the effect of different court surfaces on spin, speed, and rebound angle.

The Code of Tennis
The rules of fair play in tennis.

On Court Assessment
An international system for rating players from beginner through pro, developed by the ITF.

The Rules of Tennis
The ITF rules, with USTA comments.

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