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Tennis: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How to Keep Score for a Tennis Match
A simple introduction to the basic scoring and procedures for playing a tennis match: the system of points, games, tie-breaks, sets, and matches explained for beginners.
The Tennis Master Quiz - A Level-by-Level...
This tennis quiz challenge starts with an easy question at the beginner level. Each time you answer a question correctly, you will get a more difficult question. To make it all the way through Level 10, you will need to have an uncommon mastery of tennis knowledge.
Tennis Quiz for Beginners
This fun quiz covers the basics of tennis, such as positioning, scoring, serves, forehands, and backhands. It will grade itself and show you the correct answers where needed.
How Beginning Tennis Players Can Choose a Racquet
How to choose the right tennis racquet for a beginner, based on price, power, materials, and specs such as weight, length, and balance.
Getting Your Racquet Grip Size Right
An accurate measurement of your hand to find the proper grip size for your tennis racquet.
What's the Right Length Tennis Racquet for a...
How to use age, size, strength, and experience to choose the right length tennis racquet for a junior player. Page 2.
Photo Tour of the One-Handed Backhand Grips
Close-up photo of the Modified Eastern backhand grip for tennis, with comments on its strengths and weaknesses.
Evolution of the Modern Racquet
How tennis racquets evolved from the earliest pre-racquets through the long wooden era.
Tennis Strategies: Tips for Winning in Singles...
How to find a winning strategy against dinkers, moon-ballers, power baseliners, and serve-and-volleyers.
Tennis Rules Quiz
Test your knowledge of the rules of tennis.: quiz rules tennis rules
Photo Tour of the Forehand Grips for Tennis
Close-up photo of the Semi-Western forehand grip for tennis, with comments.
Tennis Drills
The best tennis drills for beginners, intermediates, and advanced players, as individuals or in groups, providing fun, skill-specific practice on forehands, backhands, serves, volleys, overheads, quickness, footwork, power, depth, placement, and consistency.
What Are the Origins of Tennis?
Did tennis originate in ancient Egypt or in the courtyards of 11th century French monasteries?
All-Time Tennis Records
The major records in tennis, including career totals and Grand Slams.
Tips for Teaching Youngsters to Play Tennis
How to get young beginners off to a fun, successful start in tennis, using easy stroke progressions and the right kinds of drills and games.
How String Tension Influences Racquet Performance
Understanding how energy dynamics in the ball-string interaction govern the effect of different string tensions in tennis racquets.
How to Hit the Basic Eastern Forehand
Stop-action photos illustrate this tennis lesson on how to hit the basic Eastern forehand.
Five Mental Toughness Tips
Get your mind to be a partner, not an extra opponent, on the tennis court. Here are five top tips to use in your mental toughness training.
Which One-Handed Topspin Backhand Grips do the...
Photo and description of Roger Federer's one-handed topspin backhand grip.
What Racquets and Strings Will Prevent Tennis...
Learn how to help prevent tennis elbow by choosing racquets and strings that transmit less shock and torsion to your arm.
Photo Lesson: How to Hit the Basic Serve
Photos illustrate this step-by-step, free tennis lesson that will help you learn how to hit the basic serve. Simple, easy instructions include the stance, grip, ball toss, windup, swing, point of contact, and follow-through.
How to Fix Your Forehand in Tennis
How to fix problems with your forehand in tennis: adjusting your forehand grip, swing, stance, and timing to hit better forehands.
Photo Tour of Male Pro Forehand Grips
Photo and description of Novak Djokovic's forehand grip.
Choose the Best Tennis Racquet for Control and...
Learn what control and power really mean in a tennis racquet; how racquet weight, balance, and stiffness influence control and power; and which racquet specifications are likely to produce the best blend of control and power for different types of players.
Index of Step-by-Step, Photo-Based Tennis Lessons
Free step-by-step tennis lessons using photos to illustrate tennis strokes, including serves, forehands, backhands, volleys, half volleys, drop shots, drop volleys, backhand overheads, topspin lobs, and grips.
Winning Singles Strategies at the Beginner Plus...
How to win more tennis matches with better strategies and tactics at the beginner through early intermediate levels.
Photo Study of the Roger Federer Forehand
Photos of Roger Federer hitting forehands illustrate small tennis lessons on how to hit a great forehand.
WTA Tour Rankings - Women's Professional Tennis...
Current weekly WTA Tour rankings for the top 100 women's professional tennis players.
Playing Tennis Without a Court: Off-Court...
Tennis games and fun drills for when you can't get a court.
Winter Tennis Without a Court
How to keep playing tennis in winter with snow on the ground and no indoor courts nearby.
Playing Tennis in Cold Weather - Techniques and...
Techniques and strategies to make low temperatures work to your advantage in tennis.
How To Find Your Grip Size
A simple how-to on finding your tennis grip size.
Wawrinka Upset in First Round
Stan Wawrinka, the third seed at Roland Garros, lost in the first round Monday to 41st-ranked Guillermo Garcia-Lopez 6-4, 5-7, 6-2, 6-0. Wawrinka has put
Serena's Exit Opens Lots of Doors
When Garbine Muguruza upset Serena Williams 6-2, 6-2 on Wednesday, the rest of the women's field had to see a much-improved opportunity at Roland Garros this
Rankings Mini-Quiz: Week of 5-26-14
Which player in the WTA top 20 gained the most ranking spots between last week and this week? Who is the only player in the ATP top 20 to improve his ranking
Mladenovic Upsets Li
Kristina Mladenovic, ranked #103 in the world, upset the second seed, Li Na, in the first round at Roland Garros on Tuesday 7-5, 3-6, 6-1.  Facing set points at
Rankings Mini-Quiz: Week of 5-19-14
Which two player in the ATP top 10 traded ranking spots between last week and this week? Which WTA player climbed into a ranking spot between last week and
Five Great Shot Combinations
How to set yourself up for an easy winner using positioning and specific combinations of shot placement and spin.
Tennis Quiz for Intermediates
This fun tennis quiz will help intermediates measure and improve their knowledge of strokes and tactics. Topics include serves, forehands, backhands, spins, positioning, rules, singles, and doubles.
How to Apply an Overgrip
Photo of beginning to wrap the overgrip onto your tennis racquet's handle.
Tennis Quiz Central
Tennis is a thinking person's game. These tennis quizzes and mazes will exercise that part of you responsible for both strategy and making the strokes happen.
Doubles Tactics Illustrated
An illustrated guide to tennis doubles tactics, starting with standard positioning at the start of a doubles point for the server, the receiver, and the partner of each.
How to Spend Almost Nothing on Tennis
If you don't think your budget is ready for tennis, here are some ideas that will change your mind: tips on saving money on lessons, racquets, strings, balls, and court time.
Points of Contact for Five Spin Serves
Photos illustrate this tour of the ideal points of contact for the topspin slice, topspin, twist, slice, and underhand sidespin serves in tennis.
Four Safe Ways to Be More Aggressive
If you're not trying some of these tactics to make your tennis more aggressive, you're probably playing it so safe that you're at greater risk of losing.
Twist Serve - Tennis Video and Analysis
A free tennis lesson using full-speed and slow-motion videos to help you learn the twist serve, one of the two kick serves. The twist serve is hit most often as a second serve in advanced tennis, but it also makes an effective first serve.
Tennis Stroke Repair Central
Repair the most common problems with the major tennis strokes: forehands, backhands, overheads, serves, and volleys.
ATP Tour Rankings - Men's Professional Tennis...
Current weekly ATP Tour rankings for the top 100 men's professional tennis players.
Photo Study of the Rafael Nadal Backhand
Photos of Rafael Nadal hitting backhands illustrate mini tennis lessons on how to hit a two-handed backhand.
Comparison of Backhand Grips
Understanding the Continental, Eastern, Western, and two-handed backhand grips for tennis.
Wild Card
A wild card is a special admission (or a player who gets one) into a tournament draw despite lacking the standard qualifications.
How to Hit the Topspin-Slice Power First Serve
Photos illustrate this step-by-step tennis lesson on how to hit the topspin-slice serve, the most common first serve and the most powerful spin serve used in advanced tennis.
How to Improve Your Serve Toss
Why the service toss can be tricky and how to make it reliable: one of the easiest ways to improve your serve in tennis.
Serena Williams: Gallery of Strokes
Photo and explanation of Serena Williams about to whip her racquet up into the ball on a serve.
How to Hit the Topspin Serve
Prepare for the upward thrust of your legs in a topspin serve with a good knee bend.
How to Handle The Spin Meister
How to find the right strategy and tactics against the heavy topspins, backspins, and sidespins of the spin meister tennis player.
Serve Repair
How to correct specific problems with your tennis serve: tips for flat, slice, twist, and topspin serves.
Tennis Control Drill Series
Level 2 in the tennis control drills series practices control of backhand groundstrokes. Page 2.
How to Hit the Semi-Open Semi-Western Forehand
Stop-action photos illustrate this tennis lesson on how to hit the semi-open, semi-western forehand in tennis.
Your Complete History of Wimbledon Women's...
A list of all of the past women's singles tennis winners at Wimbledon. Trace Wimbledon history through the records of great champions like Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graf, and Billie Jean King.
Why and How to Hit on the Rise
Hitting on the rise gives you several advantages in tennis, but your timing, positioning, and point of contact with the ball must all be more precise.
Photo Lesson: The Basic Two-Handed Backhand
Photo of the middle of the backswing on a basic two-handed backhand in tennis. Page 2.
Basic One-Handed Backhand: Photo Lesson
Stop-action photos illustrate this tennis lesson on how to hit the basic one-handed backhand.
Tennis Groundstroke Quiz Test Your Knowledge of...
Test your knowledge of tennis forehands and backhands: Eastern, Western, Continental, two-handed, one-handed, topspin, flat, and backspin.
The Structure of Women's Professional Tennis...
The structure of women's professional tennis, beginning at the ITF Women's Circuit level, followed by WTA International and Premier tournaments and ITF Grand Slam tournaments, with increasing prize money and ranking points at each level.
Paddle Mini
Paddle mini is a high-energy cross between pickleball and mini tennis.
How much does a beginner racquet cost?
How much does a beginner racquet cost?
Round Robin Tournaments: Advantages and...
Round robin tennis tournaments have many advantages over elimination tournaments, but a few difficulties as well.
How to Learn and Use the Drop Shot
A learning progression, drills, and strategic advice to help you develop an effective drop shot.
How Can I Teach Myself Tennis?
Which tennis strokes should you learn first as you use free, photo-based lessons to teach yourself how to play tennis?
Photo Study of Rafael Nadal's Forehand
A photo study of Rafael Nadal's forehand, beginning with a photo and explanation of Rafa's forehand grip, backswing, and stance.
Australian Open - Past Men's Singles Champions
A list of all of the past men's singles tennis winners at the Australian Open. Trace Australian Open history through the records of great champions like Jack Crawford, Rod Laver, Ken Rosewall, and Roy Emerson.
How to Buy a Racquet for an Advanced or...
Background advice on choosing a racquet for an advanced or intermediate player, with links to top picks for all-court players and baseliners.
Group Tennis Games - Jail and Around the World
Jail (or Jailbreak) and Around the World are two great tennis games for large groups of kids.
How much do lessons cost?
How much do lessons cost? Tennis.
What are hard courts made of?
What are hard courts made of? Tennis.
Backhands: One Hand or Two?
A comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of one-handed and two-handed backhands, focusing in this part on the one-hander.
How to Hit the Heavy Slice Serve: Photo Lesson
Prepare for the heavy slice tennis serve with a good knee bend and body coil.
Advanced Doubles Tactics Illustrated
Illustrated explanation of a planned poach by the server's partner in doubles tennis.
How to Hit the Twist Serve
Photos illustrate this step-by-step, free tennis lesson on how to hit the twist serve, one of the two kick serves used most often as a second serve in tennis.
Tennis Elbow
Learn how to prevent tennis elbow by choosing elbow-safe equipment, improving your strokes, and changing off-court activities that may cause tennis elbow.
Photo Tour of the Two-Handed Backhand Grips
Close-up photo of the double forehand two-handed backhand grip grip for tennis, with comments. Page 2.
Melanie Oudin Photos: Picture Gallery of Strokes
Photo and explanation of tennis pro Melanie Oudin's point of contact on a two-handed backhand. Page 2.
The 24(?) Types of Tennis Balls
With four speeds, three types of upholstery, and two power sources, the tennis ball universe might need its own Blue Book.
The Pros and Cons of Grass Tennis Courts
The advantages and disadvantages of grass courts, the fastest of major tennis court surfaces.
Choosing Grips, Overgrips, and Balls to Prevent...
Learn how to help prevent tennis elbow by choosing the right grip size, applying an overgrip, and using arm-friendly tennis balls.
Tennis Racquets Quiz
A fun, challenging quiz on tennis racquet balance, weight, swingweight, stringing patterns, power, sweet spots, and construction.
Definition of seeding in tennis.
Grand Slams
Definition of Grand Slams in tennis.
Caroline Wozniacki's Strokes in Photos
Photos of tennis pro Caroline Wozniacki: a gallery of pictures of Caroline Wozniacki hitting serves, backhands, forehands, and a lob that illustrate explanations of her stroke techniques.
Modifying Your Strokes to Prevent Tennis Elbow
Learn how to help prevent tennis elbow by improving your stroking technique, especially if you use a one-handed backhand, the most likely stroke to cause tennis elbow.
Win With Consistency - How to Play Consistent...
How to play consistent tennis and win more matches.
What is the ideal weight for a tennis racquet?
What is the ideal weight for a tennis racquet?
Tennis Strings and Stringing Quiz
How tight is your knowledge of the effects of string type and stringing choices on racquet performance, arm safety, and stroke production?
The Structure of Men's Professional Tennis...
The structure of men's professional tennis, beginning at the ITF's Futures level, followed by ATP Challengers, ATP Tour and Masters, and ITF Grand Slam tournaments, with increasing prize money and ranking points at each level.
Female WTA Tennis Players Pros Quiz
This fun quiz focuses on the career accomplishments of the world's top female tennis pros. It will grade itself, and if you miss a question about one of the great women players in tennis, it will show you the correct answer.
Photo Study of Richard Gasquet's One-Handed...
Photo showing the farthest back point of the backswing on Richard Gasquet's one-handed backhand.
Photo Study of Roger Federer's Backhand
Photo and explanation of Roger Federer's backhand at the middle of his swing.
Tennis Racquet Care and Stringing
How to keep your tennis racquet performing at its best: tips on racquet stringing and taking care of your racquet frame.
How Topspin Works in Tennis
How topspin affects a tennis ball's flight in the air and the height, steepness, and speed of its bounce.
Finding the Right Tennis Lessons for Kids
Which type of tennis lesson will my kid enjoy most? In which will he/she learn fastest? Are private lessons better than group lessons?
Which forehand grip is best for topspin?
Which forehand grip is best for topspin?
Stan Wawrinka's Strokes in Photos
Photo of tennis pro Stan Wawrinka's racquet approaching the ball edge-first on the serve.
Best Defensive Tennis Tactics
Proven tactics to toughen up your defensive tennis.
Simple Guide to Forehand Grips
An easy way to compare the Continental, Eastern, Western, and Semi-Western forehand grips for tennis.
Animated Tour of Tennis Footwork Exercises
Animation illustrates the carioca, a tennis footwork exercise. Page 4.
What is the best material for a tennis racquet?
What is the best material for a tennis racquet?
The Two Best Aiming Drills for Beginners
Full explanation of how to run the Master of Groundstrokes drill, where beginner tennis players learn to aim their forehands and backhands into certain areas of the court. Page 2.
Top Five Doubles Tips for the Receiver
The top five tips for the receiver in doubles tennis, using placement, positioning, topspin, slice, and lobs to return serve more effectively.
Seven Little Tennis Riddles and Brain Teasers -...
Solve seven tennis riddles ranging from trivial to technical.
Playing Tennis in the Wind - Adapting to Windy...
How to use the windy conditions to your advantage in tennis.
Five Person, One of the Best Tennis Practice...
The most popular game for groups of three to five intermediate to advanced tennis players.
Tennis Footwork Warmup
A sequence of footwork drills for use as a warmup and to improve court coverage in tennis.
What grip works best for volleys?
The pros and cons of the main volley grip systems in tennis, including the Eastern grips and the Continental.
Wimbledon - Past Men's Singles Champions
A list of all of the past men's singles tennis winners at Wimbledon. Trace Wimbledon history through the records of great champions like Pete Sampras and Bjorn Borg.
Mini Tennis
A tennis game that cultivates finesse and runs you ragged.
Simona Halep's Strokes in Photos
Photo and explanation of tennis pro Simona Halep's forehand point of contact.
Will a loop backswing help or harm my tennis...
How much loop to use in the forehand backswing is a subject of much debate among tennis teaching pros. Does a large or small loop, or perhaps a paused-loop, give you the best timing, racquet-head speed, and topspin?
Win More Matches in Boys' High School Tennis
How to beat the two main types of player you'll encounter in boys' high school tennis.
Tennis Racquet FAQ
Answers to your questions about tennis racquet weight, balance, length, materials, cost, stringing, stability, and more.
Be Fun to Have On Court: Tennis Etiquette and...
Some commonly neglected points of tennis etiquette that will help you have more fun and get better exercise.
How To Make a Ball-Pickup Tube
A simple how-to on making a ball-pickup tube. This homemade tube picks up tennis balls as well as an commercial pickup tube or hopper.
What size racquet should my kid use?
What size junior racquet should my kid use?
What's the best grip for first serves?
What's the best grip for first serves?
Photo Study of Novak Djokovic's Strokes
Photo and explanation of the kinetic chain at work in Novak Djokovic's power forehand.
Learning the Twist Kick Serve for Tennis
The advantages of kick serves and how to hit the twist serve in tennis.

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