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What are the 10 types of spin used on serves?


Tennis player serving ball
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Question: What are the 10 types of spin used on serves?
Answer: Directions are described from the server's point of view:
  1. slice - stays low and curves left
  2. topspin - dips faster in flight and bounces higher
  3. topspin-slice - dips and curves left
  4. twist - dips and curves left in the air, then bounces high to the right
  5. flat (no spin)
  6. underhand sidespin - curves sharply right on the bounce
  7. reverse underhand sidespin - curves sharply left on the bounce
  8. backspin - acts like a drop shot
  9. underhand topspin - acts like a topspin groundstroke
  10. reverse slice - stays low and curves right

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