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Photo Lesson: How to Hit the Twist Serve


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Introduction and Grip
Twist Serve Early Windup
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The twist serve is more difficult to produce than the other kick serve, the topspin, but it's also more difficult to return. Both serves have generous net clearance and a high bounce, but while the topspin flies straight, the twist serve curves to the receiver's right in the air and to her left on the bounce, making it harder for the receiver to line up and also putting it more often on the receiver's backhand, where high balls are usually troublesome.
  • Use the grip closest to the Eastern backhand (moving from Continental) that still allows you to make clean contact with the ball. Moving toward the Eastern backhand gives you stronger spin, toward the Continental easier contact.
  • Toss the ball so that you'll be able to meet it a little behind your head and a little to your left.
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