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Index of Tennis How-To Articles


How To Find Your Power Sweet Spot
Find the most powerful area of your tennis racquet's string bed.

How To Find Your Harmonic Sweet Spot
Find the area on your racquet's string bed that does not produce unpleasant vibration.

How To Find Your Shock Sweet Spot
Find the area of your racquet's string bed you should hit to prevent initial shock to your hand.

How To Improve Your Topspin With a Solo Game
Learn a fun, easy game that will improve your topspin.

How To Apply an Overgrip
Follow easy, step-by-step instructions to wrap an overgrip onto your racquet handle.

How To Find Your Grip Size
Find your tennis grip size.

How To Make a Serve Trainer
Make a device to train yourself to meet your serve at the correct height.

How To Learn the Extreme Slice Serve
Learn a serve with heavy sidespin.

How To Make a Ball-Pickup Tube
Make a tube that picks up tennis balls.

How To Practice a Perfect Ball Toss
Train your ball toss to be more reliable.

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