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Stan Wawrinka Photos: Picture Gallery of Strokes


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Stan Wawrinka Photo #5: Slice Backhand
Photo of Stan Wawrinka - Slice Backhand
Clive Brunskill / Getty Images
Most players find slice the easiest option at this height, although, as we saw in the second photo, Wawrinka can also hit topspin on this type of ball. One can hit a perfectly good one-handed slice backhand with the full Eastern backhand grip Stan uses for his topspins, but like many of his peers, Stan switches to a grip between Continental and Eastern forehand for some slices, probably because it makes it somewhat easier to impart heavy backspin and allows a later point of contact. Slices hit with the grip Stan uses in this photo tend to be softer than those hit with an Eastern backhand grip, so this may not be a choice most players should emulate.
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