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Stan Wawrinka's Strokes in Photos


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Stan Wawrinka Photo #1: Topspin Backhand Preparation
Photo of Stan Wawrinka - Topspin Backhand Preparation
Matthew Stockman / Getty Images
Stan Wawrinka has one of the more efficient and effective one-handed backhands on the ATP Tour. With one exception, everything Wawrinka is doing in this photo provides an excellent demonstration of the preparation for a classic one-handed topspin backhand; Stan is looking over his shoulder at the ball, he has his left hand on the throat of the racquet as it drops from his short loop backswing, and his weight is mostly on his right leg, which is bent at the knee both to get him below the ball and to let him push upward and forward with his swing. The only aspect of Stan's preparation that one would not emulate, ideally, is his overclosed stance, with his back foot farther from the sideline he's facing than his front foot. This overclosed stance may be unavoidable if he has just run to the ball, but a square stance, with both feet equidistant from the sideline, is generally easier.
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