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Andy Roddick Profile


Andy Roddick
Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

With arguably the best combination of first and second serves, the top ranking among American players for several years, a sharp wit, and a distinct appeal to many female fans, Andy Roddick is one of the most popular players in professional tennis. Roddick has only one Grand Slam singles title, the 2003 US Open, but he has made four other Grand Slam finals, one at the US Open and three at Wimbledon.

Andy had an outstanding junior career; in 2000 he won the Australian Open and the US Open and reached the #1 junior ranking. After he turned pro that year, he continued to have good results, reaching a quarterfinal in Washington and winning a Challenger event. By 2001, Roddick had made the top 20, winning three ATP singles titles and reaching the US Open quarterfinal. He also went undefeated in his Davis Cup debut. 2002 was very similar, with two ATP titles, a US Open quarterfinal, continued perfection in Davis Cup, and further gains in ranking, into the top 10.

Andy's biggest year was 2003, when he reached the #1 ranking, winning six singles titles including two Masters Series events, Montreal and Cincinnati, and the US Open. Roddick also won one of the most memorable Grand Slam matches ever, the record length (21-19 in the fifth set) Australian Open quarterfinal against Younes El Aynaoui.

Roddick had a solid 2004 as well, with four more singles titles and his first Wimbledon final, where he lost to Roger Federer. Andy helped the US Davis Cup team reach its first final since 1997, and in the Davis Cup semifinal, he recorded the fastest tennis serve ever, at 155 mph. Andy's big serve also produced the most aces of the year, 1017. Serving records aside, 2005 was very similar, with five ATP titles and another Wimbledon final lost to Federer.

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