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Photo Study of Amelie Mauresmo's One-Handed Backhand


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High Point of Backswing
High Point of Backswing
Julian Finney / Getty Images
Amelie Mauresmo generates good pace and great topspin on her one-handed backhand, and the length and fluidity of her swing make her stroke easier on the arm than the more violent strokes of some of her competitors. Mauresmo's backhand swing is one your arm will be glad you chose to emulate.

The high point of Mauresmo's backswing, shown here, is higher than most players use. This is a relatively large loop for a backhand. (A loop this size on a forehand would be considered small.) Having a loop on the backswing probably enhances the smoothness of Mauresmo's swing, but it's certainly not required in order to generate a smooth swing, and a loop can complicate timing and racquet position for some players. It's worth experimenting with your own backswing to see whether a loop helps or hurts.

Having her left hand on the throat of the racquet helps ensure Mauresmo's strong shoulder turn.

Mauresmo is using a modified Eastern backhand grip on this particular shot, but as we shall see, she varies her backhand grip quite a bit, much more than most players do.

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