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Marion Bartoli Photos: Picture Gallery of Strokes


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Marion Bartoli Photo #1: Cross-Handed Forehand
Photo of Marion Bartoli - Cross-Handed Forehand
Matthew Lewis / Getty Images
Tennis players with two-handed forehands are quite rare, and Marion Bartoli is unusual even among that tiny group, as she hits her forehand cross-handed, with her pushing, forward-facing hand below her pulling, backward-facing hand. Most players who hit with two hands on both sides switch their hand positions so that they hit both strokes the way virtually all players hit a two-handed backhand, with the pushing hand closer to the racquet head. Hitting cross-handed feels awkward and inefficient to most players, in large part, at least, because with the pushing hand farther from the racquet head than the pulling hand, its push, with the pulling hand acting as a fulcrum, makes the racquet head want to pivot in the opposite direction of the swing path.
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