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Injuries and Conditioning: Prevent Tennis Elbow and Other Injuries

Learn how strokes, conditioning, and equipment choices will help in prevention and treatment of elbow, shoulder, ankle, foot, wrist, and other tennis injuries.
  1. Tennis Elbow (12)

Tennis Footwork Warmup - Footwork Drills
A sequence of footwork drills for use as a warmup and to improve court coverage in tennis.

Should Tennis Balls Weigh Less?
Would a lighter tennis ball make tennis more fun and prevent arm injuries?

The Figure 8 Loosening Exercise for Tennis - Video and Comments
A pre-match tennis exercise, illustrated with a video clip, to loosen and warm up your arm, shoulder, and torso.

Preventing Tennis Eye Injuries
How to prevent eye injuries in tennis with protective eyewear and smart safety practices on the tennis court.

Tennis Court Safety Underfoot
How to prevent injuries from stepping on loose tennis balls and how to judge whether each type of court surface is too slippery.

Cardio Tennis
Cardio Tennis is a tennis class that provides a sustained aerobic workout.

Book: Fit To Play Tennis
Book review of Fit To Play Tennis by Carl Peterson and Nina Nittinger

Book: Biomechanical Principles of Tennis Training
Book review of Biomechanical Principles of Tennis Training: Using Science to Improve Your Strokes, by Duane Knudson, Ph.D.

Book Review - From Breakpoint to Advantage - A Practical Guide to Optimal ...
Book review of From Breakpoint to Advantage: A Practical Guide to Optimal Tennis Health and Performance by Babette Pluim, M.D. Ph.D. and Marc Safran, M.D.

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Lots of useful recommendations for preventing all kinds of tennis injuries.

Care and Prevention of Tennis Injuries
A chiropractor discusses tennis elbow and a physician discusses ankle injuries. Useful.

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