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History of Tennis: Origins, Early Tennis Inventions, Great Beginnings

Trace the history of tennis from its earliest origins through the most recent milestones at the Grand Slam events.

The Origins and Early History of Tennis
Did tennis originate in ancient Egypt or in the courtyards of 11th century French monasteries?

Major Records in Tennis History Maze
Try to weave your way through ten questions about the all-time tennis records with as few steps as possible.

Tennis All-Time Records
Which players own the all-time records in tennis history, such as Grand Slams and most tournaments won?

An Evolutionary History of Tennis Racquets
How tennis racquets have evolved from the earliest pre-racquets through the long wooden era to the advanced technologies we see today.

Arthur Ashe: Much More Than Tennis
Few athletes have contributed as much as did Arthur Ashe.

Australian Open History Quiz
A fun quiz on the history of the Australian Open tennis tournament and its greatest players.

Evolution of Pro Forehand Grips
Contemporary forehand grips have changed tennis.

French Open History Quiz
See how much you know about the history of the French Open tennis tournament, a.k.a. Roland Garros. This quiz will grade itself and show you the correct answers where needed.

The Players Who Made Today's Tennis
The four players who most profoundly shaped the way tennis is played today.

U.S. Open History Maze
Try to weave your way through ten variably tough questions about U.S. Open history.

Wimbledon History Maze
Try to weave your way through ten variably tough questions about Wimbledon history.

The Championships Wimbledon: History
Official site presents several live camera views of the grounds and action, daily updates, and interviews with the players.

"Chrissie Talks Tennis: Reflections On The Game"
A Naples Daily News article quoting Chris Evert on her rivalry with Martina and comparisons with the men's game and today's women's game.

The Early Lawn Tennis Collection
The main attractions here are photos of very early tennis racquets and drawings of early tennis scenes.

History of Lawn Tennis
A nicely illustrated narrative of the evolution of tennis from 1873 to 1938, augmented by additional articles and a gallery.

History of Roland Garros
A relatively detailed history, with nice touches of wider historical perspective.

The Royal Tennis Court
A history of the original indoor game, plus details of the court and rules. Tennis quotations dating back to Chaucer.

Sanex WTA Tour History
An overview of the women's tour since its 1970 inception.

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