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How To Improve Your Topspin With a Solo Game


Topspin makes the ball drop faster through the air and kick farther forward when it hits your opponent's court. This simple game rewards you for increasing that kick.

Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 15 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Stand at the baseline with at least 10 balls.
  2. Drop a ball on your forehand side, and then after it bounces, hit it deep into the other side of the court.
  3. Try another drop hit, starting your racquet lower and brushing your strings up the back of the ball as you swing forward.
  4. Observe how the more you brush up on the ball, the more the ball spins, and the more it kicks on the other side.
  5. Measure your progress by noting how many bounces the ball makes on the other side before it hits the fence.
  6. Give yourself zero points if the ball fails to land in or bounces more than three times altogether before hitting the fence.
  7. Give yourself one point if the ball lands in and then bounces another two times before hitting the fence.
  8. Give yourself three points if the ball lands in and then bounces once more before hitting the fence.
  9. Give yourself five points if the ball lands in and then does not bounce again before hitting the lower half of the fence.
  10. Give yourself seven points if the ball lands in and then does not bounce again before hitting the upper half of the fence.
  11. Test yourself by hitting 10 balls in a row and keeping your score.
  12. Keep trying to break your own record. If you can score a 70, let me know when you'll be on TV.


  1. Forward air speed helps the ball bounce farther too, but with a flat, hard hit, scoring a five will be very difficult; a seven impossible.
  2. The ideal shot for this game passes six to ten feet above the top of the net and lands very deep with a ton of topspin. This same shot will give most of your opponents a lot of trouble, too.
  3. As an experiment, try the more Western styles, which generally favor topspin.
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